NKF Structure

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President or Appointed representative of each member Federation. The President/Appointed of the hosting country shall be the Chairman of the NKF until the next NKC.

  • Ms. Jeanette Rohde – Appointed of the Danish Karate Federation

  • Mr. Jaanus Rahumägi – President of the Estonian Karate Federation

  • Mr. Petri Tuominen – President of the Finnish Karate Federation

  • Mr. Reinhard Reinhardsson – President of the Iceland Karate Federation

  • Ms. Santa Droszdova – Appointed of the Latvian Karate Federation

  • Ms. Svanhild Sunde – President of the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation Karate Section

  • Mr. Urban Andersson – President of the Swedish Karate Federation

  • Mr. Vidmantis Butnorius – Appointed/Vice President of the Lithuanian Karate Federation

Referee Commission

The NC Referee Commission will be consistent of the Chairman of each National Federations Referee Commission and in its entirety the Referee Commission from HQ member Sweden.

  • Mr. Jan Christoffersen – Chairman of the RC Danish Karate Federation

  • Mr. Dmitri Teplohh– Chairman of the RC Estonian Karate Federation

  • Ms. Pirkko Heinonen – Chairman of the RC Finnish Karate Federation

  • Mr. Helgi Jóhannesson – Chairman of the RC Iceland Karate Federation

  • Mr. Aleksandrs Drosdovs – Chairman of the RC Latvian Karate Federation

  • Mr. Erik Støen – Chairman of the RC Norwegian Martial Arts Federation Karate Section

  • RC Swedish Karate Federation – Per Åström, Ove Viggedal, Peter Sahlberg

  • Mr. Vidmantis Butnorius – Chairman of the Lithauen karate Federation


HQ Office 

HQ Office is managed by Swedish Karate Federation.